More technical informations

Characteristic of some oven types:

Oven type210/25/1V/x/G210/38/1V/x/G210/50/1V/x/G250/45/1V/x/G
Belt width (mm) 2100 2100 2100 2500
Tunnel lenght (m) 12 18 24 18
Bakery area (m2) 25 38 50 45
Total lenght (mm) 14135 20135 26135 20135
Performance of bread (kg/h) 450 680 900 810
All values are relative to baking time 60 minutes
Typ pece300/54/1V/x/G300/81/2V/x/G300/108/2V/x/G
Belt width (mm) 3000 3000 3000
Tunnel lenght (m) 18 27 36
Bakery area (m2) 54 81 108
Total lenght (mm) 20135 29135 38135
Performance of bread (kg/h) 1000 1450 2000
All values are relative to baking time 60 minutes


Graph of temperature distribution in the oven

Graph of gas consumption and time to achieve temperatures



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